Hello & Welcome!

Hello and welcome to my blog/portfolio!

I have been meaning to start working on some content for a while but life is always keeping me busy. Hopefully I will start posting on here at least once or twice a week to update you on any key happenings which you may find interesting!

Please do not think this blog is going to be based on one thing…
I will be posting about crochet, pets, nail art, holidays, crafts and even relationships… so many random things!

Please be warned you will probably experience at least a monthly post on my fur babies! Bloo the huge, fluffy German Shepard, Billy who is the most loving Staffy you will ever lay eyes on and my 2 Guinea Pigs; Pippin & Zeus (who are ridiculously pampered princes).


My family are crazy weird so please do not be alarmed if I make reference to some crazy happenings in my household. A few experiences include my granny swearing and calling people dildos… Tracey deciding she wants to redecorate (again) in the morning, then I come home from work and the whole house has changed as if by magic…
I have a very large family and they are pretty darn amazing. The kiddies come out with the most crazy and cute things. Only a few months ago I was explaining what periods are to a 6 year old boy… Let me just be clear – I have no kids of my own! I thought that was a get-out-of-awkward-conversations-with-kids-free-card?



So not only will my family be a source of entertainment and fun for my blog but so will my friends… Like Carrie Bradshaw I will be taking any entertaining happenings from my friends lives and be sharing for the whole world to see (hey don’t worry I won’t share your name). I have to say I had many, many acquaintances when I was younger, however as I have got older it became easy to weed out the crap from the amazing! The friends I have now I may not see as often (we are getting old!) but every time we meet up its like we saw each other yesterday. Shout out to you lovely ladies and gents – love ya!

Last but not least… the boy. Yes my partner and the love of my life (cheesy).
I have been with Adam for 8 years now (on and off with emotional break ups and such), how I have coped I will never know! We met in Liquid (eek!!! I know!!! please do not judge!!!) in Leicester. After standing him up more times than I would like to remember we eventually met up and the rest is history. In this time he has moved from Leicester to Northampton… then to High Wycombe and now to Bournemouth. I don’t know what he is trying to tell me but I think he is trying to escape? Unfortunately for him we are now engaged and there is no shaking me off.
He has been the most supportive person in my life; from encouraging me with university through to late night phone calls when I have had a bad day. I don’t give him enough credit. Anyways- less of the mushy stuff! Adam is clumsy, gross  and hilarious rolled into one… He will be key to my blogging inspiration!


So thanks for reading through the introduction to my blog! There will be more happenings in the world of Kirstie soon!

Take care and have a blessed day

K x


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