Not Just For Grannies!

I get laughed at for many of my interests and hobbies, but most of all is crochet.

I love crochet. 
Now some people may have heard of this, others my have no idea…
Basically it is a handicraft in which yarn is made up into a textured fabric by means of a hooked needle. Do not mistake this for knitting, (it kind of is knitting) rather than using 2 knitting needles you use 1 crochet hook!

I got into crochet when I saw a ‘Mood blanket’ which is a granny square for each day or week of the month in the colour you feel represents your mood. People create these over a year and create 1 square a month others do it over a month and create them per day!

I like therapeutic or creative activities such as wrapping presents, adult colouring and also drawing. So my auntie picked me up a crochet magazine, a ball of yarn and a crochet hook… I read this magazine and then went straight onto YouTube for a tutorial.
I came across Jayda In Stitches who had created a granny square tutorial.
you can find her YouTube channel here:
She also has a Etsy store which has many, many, many fantastic crochet patterns to choose from:
Her tutorials were so valuable to me, it really helped me understand the basics of crochet as well as more complex stitches.

So I started off with a baby blanket (this took me FOREVER) which I eventually gave to my little cousin Mia to use for her dolls.
My next challenge was a throw for my bed! I have to admit it never got to the size of my bed, but it does make for a lovely blanket for work or just to keep me warm at home.
From here I felt much more confident to work on more complex items… I started making Mittens, Cardigans and Jumpers. I most recently made a super cute dress.

If you are looking to start crocheting I would suggest having a look on YouTube to see what tutorials are out there. I would then advise you to have a look on eBay for your crochet hooks. I got a selection of 12 aluminium crochet hooks ranging from 8.00mm all the way down to 2.00mm for about £4. For Christmas I received a crochet set and case from my partner which also had 9 soft touch hooks included from 6.00mm down to 2.00mm. I have to admit the soft touch hooks are much easier to use as you have a slight grip, if you do a lot of crocheting the spongy grip will also stop your fingers from aching and getting tired quickly! Included in this case I also received a selection of stitch markers, plastic yarn needles, yarn scissors, mini knitting needles, tape measure, round counter, and ruler. Some of these thing you may not think are needed but I have used every single piece of kit in my set. Unfortunately I don’t know where Adam got it from or how much but I would have happily paid at least £20 for it!

The most important piece of kit is the yarn. Before purchasing this work out what item you plan to crochet. Then you can work out the weight of yarn needed and how much you need.
For a quick overview of yarn weights have a look at:
Subsequently Love Knitting is one of my preferred websites to purchase my yarn. They always seem to have a offer on. I believe they are currently offering 15% off your first order. If you are looking for a basic yarn which is readily accessible and cheap I would advise you to purchase James C Brett Top Value DK 100% Acrylic Yarn (100g). This uses a 4mm crochet hook and comes in a wide range of colours. I can pick this up  on the market for around £1.40 or cheaper.

Here are a few snaps of some of the pieces I have made! Some of my best ones are not shown such as my poncho (no one can be sad in a poncho), little Mia’s poncho, little dress and a beautiful infinity scarf. I am also in the process of creating a little skirt with lace trim.

Going forwards I will start sharing patterns, hints and tips for crochet.
I am looking to get a new laptop and desk to allow me to do some videos to a decent standard, so once I have this sorted I may end up creating some YouTube tutorial videos to help you with easy to knit pieces and stitches!

If there is anything in particular you would like to know or have any questions please ask away.

Ciao & have a blessed day!



4 thoughts on “Not Just For Grannies!

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  1. People have always thought I was weird because I crochet. And I’ve been doing it for more than 30 years!! I think especially when I was in my early 20’s everyone thought it was an old lady craft. I’m glad to see crochet is becoming popular again!! You’re makes are beautiful! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much!
      I am glad I am not alone. My friends and family think it’s a little odd but when I start completing projects they are really suprised and impressed! A few of my friends actually want to learn now!

      Liked by 2 people

    2. I started crocheting when I was 4. Apparently I have always been a granny at heart because I love crafting, baking, dressing weird, and telling “back in my day” stories.


      1. That’s so lovely. I am exactly the same. I started later in life though… I thought I would never master it but I get better and better with each item I crochet!


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