Restaurant Basher – I kid! I kid!

Anyone who knows me knows I like a good meal. It can be takeaway, sit down fancy pants meal or just some good old pub grub.
Still – I do like a tasty meal and who better to turn to than my trusted fellow reviewers on Trip Advisor? (I place so much trust in these people to guide me to my next heavenly meal its quite worrying).

As mentioned in my previous post, Adam likes to travel for work. This has lead me to many many many tasty places in my lifetime. So many tasty places that I feel like I need to drop by occasionally for a tasty prawn from Hoo Kee (Northampton) or some Baconana Pancakes (High Wycombe).

You know it’s bad when you are going to Bicester Village to get your shop on and you end up planning a diverted route to your favorite city to get to that amazing restaurant that we once ate at…
Adam and I are so bad that we have been to our favorite restaurant in Leicestershire (South Croxton) called The Golden Fleece and had Starter, Main and Dessert. We ended up slapping down £100 to pay for our meal.
While you youngsters splash the cash on a night out… poppin’ bottles and drinking cocktails… We are in bed by the time you go out with food babies and meat sweats. How my life has changed!

If you would like to have a look at some of my most loved places (or places to avoid) have a look at my Trip Advisor profile:
I post pretty regularly on there for not only restaurants but places to go and see!
Please let me know of any top places you have been or would recommend!


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