Sunny Dayz = Happy Dayz

If you have been to the UK… you will know a sunny day makes us English go a bit crazy! A bit of sunshine and the crop tops come out, mens shirts come off and parks, beer gardens and any area touched by sun rays is jam packed full of people.

I however had a bit of a busy day planned. I work up this morning got showered, dressed and prepped for the day ahead. I put the guinea pigs out in their new run and watched them popcorn for a good 15 minutes.
I had a dress fitting for Wai San’s (My friend from work)  wedding, I am one of her bridemaids. So I drove up to Birstall, it was a nice 20 minute drive with my air-con blasting.

After getting measured up and spending some time catching up with Wai (I had only just seen her the day before haha) I drove back to Leicester where I should have been going cinema with Jody and her sister Laura. Unfortunately we had a mix up with phones and texts not coming through that this didn’t materialise!
So instead I took my make up off and threw some slumming clothes on. I Put a blanket out on the patio outside and set up my new watercolour set to paint for the afternoon.
I attempted a hummingbird and some flowers. Although not my best – it was just a trial – you can see a picture of it below:

While I had a bit of time to myself I am decided on getting a new ear piercing.
I will be looking at a triple forward helix, a double if a triple won’t fit.
I have also added a picture of me sun-ready in my shades!


Hope it has been sunny wherever you are!

Sending positive vibes to you all! Have a blessed day



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