Kirstie’s World!

Hello my loves,

Can you believe it has been 2 days since I have posted?
It has all been happening in my world! I have had a very busy few days at both work and at home.

At work I am currently working on a new instore campaign which is due to go live this month. So there has been long working hours and a few frustrations but we are so nearly there! Very exciting!

I have been butting heads with my partner which has been very frustrating! Hopefully he sees sense soon!

Finally I have been painting and also I have had some new piercings!


Starting with my painting… You will already know that I have my new watercolour set… I love it! Oil painting has always been my fortay, however I am in love with watercolour!
I have created another animal focused piece. My auntie wanted me to paint a robin and some deer, so thats exactly what I did!

Robin & Deer!
I was a little flustered and needed some friend time on Monday so I text one of my oldest and best friends Mikhail. We met up in town and had YO! Sushi as it was Blue Monday.
I went and got a triple forward helix piercing. I had wanted this done for a while but I always put it off. Still, I thought ‘what the hell!’ and went to have it done at Jenova Rain

I have to say she was the best piercer I have ever encountered! She is lovely in every shape and form. Very professional and talked me through all of the instructions. She spent her time really talking through my options and when I was unsure about the placement she did not hesitate to move them to my preferred placing. I have to say I am gutted that Jenova is moving away (she is moving to Spain don’t cha know!) I am so happy for her but she is obviously a well established piercer and body modification specialist. I am just being selfish and want her to stay!
Its key to note that there is a half price offer on for the remainder of April! Bargain!
I am happy to give a 5/5 for Jenova Rain – get there before she is gone!


Other than that – thats all that has been happening!
I guess now I wont write a new post until Friday/Saturday so I will leave you all be!
Have a lovey rest of the week and let me know what exciting things you have happening over easter

cheerio and blessed day to you all



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  1. The painting is lovely! I like watercolors. My daughter paints, acrylics are her favorite but she dabbles in water color and oil paint too. She did not get her talent from me – I can’t draw a recognizable stick person LOL. Fortunately Yarn is my paint and my hook is my brush. 😀 That sounded really corny – sorry. The piercings are very cute. 😀


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