Holiday Snob?

One of my work friends likes to call me a holiday snob (thanks Fran!)

Lets think for a second… What exactly is a holiday snob?
Someone who opts for the best hotel for their yearly holiday? Or is it someone who only flies first class?

I love a bit of variety in my holidays I think this is due to growing up and going on holiday to Turkey with my family every single year. At first we went to different places but then due to family and friends we continued to visit Bodrum every year.

Since my yearly visit to Turkey I have since been Egypt, Amsterdam, Spain and Mexico.
Due to Brexit the cost of holidays have gone up significantly while the UK is in a bit of unrest… Sadly this means that I have been unable to book Jamaica this year… HOWEVER my partner and I have been able to get a great deal on a trip to Mexico (I know I know I went last year).

I did visit Cancun Mexico last year but due to a tropical storm in our second week we were unable to do all the activities we had planned.
Our cunning plan was to get a tan during the first week so we wouldn’t burn doing the activities in the second week. This means we missed out on Chichen Itza, Parasailing, Jet-skiing, Zip-lining and even Snorkeling. This was a bit of a let down for me. I am a bit of an adventure junkie so I am all for the chilling by the beach and pool with a bit of music and relaxation but at the the same time I want to be productive and make the most of my time here.

So we are going to be staying at Secrets the Vine Hotel. We currently have a standard Junior Suite but we plan to be upgrading to the Honeymoon Suite when we get there due to it being much more cost effective than upgrading in advance.
Check out some sneaky peeks of the room:


I am very excited to go back!!! eekkkkk


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