Holiday Packing Dramas!

Being a control freak I like to ensure my suitcase is packed, checked and repacked a week before my holiday. I dread the thought of being caught short thousands of miles away from home. Thats why I have created this post about…

ONE: A List A Day Keeps  The Nightmares Away!
Tick Lists, Spreadsheets, Planning Documents…. Anything to help you manage your packing. Its great to create a list of things you must, must, must take away with you.
This will aid you not only ensuring you have everything packed but also a good nights sleep before you fly (if you are anything like me I start dreaming about things I have forgot to pack!)

TWO: Long Haul? Name Tag!
If you are flying long haul or have connecting flights don’t be a (wo)man of mystery! Make sure you have a name tag on your luggage and a contact number/email. You will sure be thankful if your luggage gets put on the wrong flight!

THREE: Safety First!
You don’t need to take that big old tin in the back of your cupboard, but don’t forget the essentials. First aid is important, especially if you have prescription pills. Key items for upset tummys and headaches are a must, don’t forget any antihistamines or asthma requirements.

FOUR: Liquids? Leave it!
Unless you are putting your liquids in your main suitcase which is going into the hold; leave it at home! Different airlines have different rules, different airports have different requirements. It is usualy far more cost effective to get any miniatures from the airport Boots instead of buying small see through containers etc…

FIVE: Too Heavy?
Weigh your luggage prior to leaving for the airport. If you don’t and you are over on your luggage allowance be prepared to cough up that cash! It will cost you!
Be ruthless! Do you really need to take 5 pairs of shoes? Are you actually going to use all those hair products? Probably not!

SIX: Crazy Cosmetics
We all have that foundation without a lid, or that shower gel with the broken pump…
Do not let these items ruin your holiday! Buy you good fresh or if not at least put them in sanwich bags. Theres nothing worse than opening up your suitcase after a 9 hour long flight to find your shampoo has leaked all over your holiday clothes!

SEVEN: Taking valuables? Stick em in your hand luggage!
Everyone has at least 1 luxury item they take away… From your engagement ring to your IPad… Don’t risk the loss!

No doubt you have your Tablet, Kindle, Handheld gaming system and not to mention your Ipod… All these things need charge! Usually there is a Dixons at the airport if you have forgot to pack one or two or three…. These are a must if you want to be entertained!

NINE: Get Naked!
Okay… not naked. Just don’t forget that airport security as you to take off your shoes, certain pieces of jewellery and belts to go through the scanner.
Just make sure what you are wearing will allow you to do this with ease rather than lacing up your favorite knee high stilettos.

TEN: Can You Even Fly?
This probably should have been number one. Check your Passport is in date! Then pack it away in a travel wallet with all of your other key paperwork. This includes hotel booking confirmation, flight confirmation and even Taxi Numbers.

ELEVEN: Plaggy Bag?
So my top tip is to take some black bin liners. These are amazing. Just put all of your worn clothes into the black bag and you know what is clean and what is not!
Also if you have some finger friendly cleaners you can place anything you don’t want them to touch under the back back on top of your suitcase and somehow by a miracle they do not touch it!

These are just some things to keep in mind when packing!
If you are worried about forgetting something start your tick list well in advance maybe 2 months before you even leave, this way you can add anything on that you happen to think about or might have forgotten!

Would love to hear where you are going on holiday!
Let me know and make me jealous!

Have a blessed day



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