True Crime… True Obsession.

As the title suggests I have a new Obsession.

I am in love with podcasts, no joke. Love.

People think of podcasts and they initially think… why bother just listen to the radio or even better… watch some TV. I have a big piece of information for you – podcasts are AMAZING. Does anyone enjoy the TV documentary on Netflix called Making of a murderer? Well if you are nodding your head, Casefile: True Crime is going to knock your socks off.

Casefile was introduced to me by my sister one evening over a cheeky Ask Italian. As she was reeling off case after case I was instantly interested. I decided to have a listen on my way home from town that exact evening. I ended up sitting in my car for an extra 10 minutes because I was so hooked and couldn’t wait to find out what happened next.

Casefile’s tag line is ‘Fact is scarier than fiction’. It is so true. Once finishing Case 1: The Wanda Beach Murders, I went onto my old faithful Google to research. Oh my word. I spent the next 30 mins reading up and looking  at pictures and evidence of these Murders.  I instantly felt a chill run up my spine. If you enjoy a mind f**k this is for you.

Although I am yet to try these I am told that they are equally as good as casefile:

  • Criminal
  • Unsolved murders: True Crime stories
  • Sword and scale



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