Dresses, Dresses, Everywhere…

…and none of them fit!

I have been crocheting loads of baby dresses I thought it was about time I took the plunge and started my own pattern and made a larger dress.
Don’t let the title fool you… It is a larger dress, it just so happens that it doesn’t fit any of my friends children… yet!!

I just wanted to share with you where I am with my very first ‘from mind’ creation.

I have opted for a marble effect dress. The dress is fitted in the top half and then flairs out at the skirt. The hem has a white peaked effect all the way around and I am looking to add angle sleeves to the arm holes again in white.
To give it a little more detail I am thinking of doing a white collar and putting some buttons on it.


I think if I were to start over I probably wouldn’t have done peaked hem on the bottom maybe something a little more subtle like rounded?
I think the peaks make it look a bit ‘witchy’? Borderline Halloween!


What are you all working on at  the moment? Anything exiting?


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