Travel Wahhh?

Travel Wallets.
Everybody needs one.
Not any travel wallet…
An Aspinal travel wallet!

Okay maybe I am getting too excited? But my gosh I do love a bit of organisation especially when it comes to holidays.

Let me hook you up with the site:

I ended up with the Jet Black Lizard with Red Suede. Now before you have a heart attack at the price… let me tell you I  am a thrifty son of a B…. I got my wallet for £40. Okay £40 squid is a lot of money.  But I was originally looking at travel wallets from Disaster Designs:

This is plastic and it is £34… for an extra £6 you are getting real leather and suede, plus something a little more classy and is going to get better with age, not worse.

Now if you are still with  me I bet you are wondering how I  got my wallet so cheap?
Well it was all down to ebay. I went onto ebay and sourced some wallets that had never been used. There are lots of faulty ones or ones which have been embossed. Forget those!
I got mine from a seller who had it all in the box it was just left on the window sill for a year and they were selling it cheap because the box had discoloration. The Wallet itself is in absolute pristine condition. If however you are going to look on ebay you need to be prepared for accepting what ever colour is available. I wanted a the blossom pink but this is not a common colour. What ever you decide I am sure it will be lovely.

Why is it so good I hear you ask!
Wellllll take a look at the pictures first!

The quality – They are handmade Italian leather and luxuriously lined in suede.
It features one large gusseted compartment for currency .
There are four tabbed sections for safe storage. These are labeled up as:
Tickets, Documents, Passports & Other
There is also an open pocket for boarding passes and a zipped compartment for coins.
If you got it from the actual website they will personalize it for you with your initials. I am sure if you took it to Timpsons or somewhere they could emboss it if wanted.

Do not be fooled by the size it is quite large which helps if you are traveling as a couple. If you are like me and my partner there is usually one organised person and a really chilled out person. I am the organised. I am able to fit in both passports, all of the flight, hotel, insurance information in here. Plenty of space. I will personally keep my foreign currency in this travel wallet and then swap over my currency into my actual purse when we get to Mexcio (or wherever in future).

For me this is piece of mind having everything in one place and not having to rummage through our bags to find out passports or papers or tickets.

I will be using this when I go Mexico in August so I will report back about how it works in action! So far its a 5/5 from me!

Lots of love





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