Did you know I am pet mad?

Hello gorgeous people!

Again I am a pain in the bum and have been neglecting my blog!
However I have lots of juicy content coming up because….

Today I am going to share with you some of my favorite pictures of my children (fur babies).

First of all I am going to share with you some of my favourite pictures of Bloo.
Bloo is now a 7 year old German Shepard Dog. He had a big bark but he is as soft as anything. He loves nothing more than a back scratch and gets sick of me asking for kisses.


Billy is up next…
Billy is a 4 year old Staffy. We adopted him from my uncle as sadly Billy was stolen from his garden by dog-nappers. We did a Facebook search add and ended up finding out where he was taken. He is a very soft, timid dog. Any loud noises and he runs and hides. He loves nothing more than sitting on your lap cuddling up for a stroke.


Not forgetting my miniature babies!
OJ & VK were my first and last hammies. Sadly they have both passed away now. VK was a spider hammie – loved to climb up the cage walls. OJ sadly was put to sleep due to a tumour which was growing on his stomach. He had medication to stop pain and I treated him like a god for the 5 months he had left, at that point he struggled to walk so the most humane thing to do was let him pass over the rainbow bridge. around 6 months later VK passed away.
Dave & Scruff were my first ever Guinea Pigs. We initially adopted Dave from my uncle because he brought him for my little cousin but unfortunately he works away quite a lot and he thought he got quite lonely. We agreed to look after him as there was always someone in the house. We still thought he was lonely so shortly after we decided to adopt another guinea pig to keep him company. We adopted Scruff from an adoption centre and they instantly got on really well. Scruff was up for adoption because his owner couldn’t afford to look after him. These two have the most pampered lives. My granddad (may he rest in peace) absolutely loved the guinea pigs – I never seen him smile as much as when he had the piggies on his lap!
Finally there is my current guinea pigs. Pippin & Zeus. Pippin originally was the leader of the pack when I picked him up and Zeus was the runt of the litter hence my naming him Zeus! They both have very distinctive personalities… Pippin loves sitting with me chilling he will lay on his back while I feed him parsley and give him tummy rubs!
Zeus is very skittish! He runs away at any opportunity but he does love to play the touch guy with Pippin!


Based on the above images you probably think I am a bit nuts! I probably am!
I have a dream that one day I am able to open a animal sanctuary for all of the animals that don’t have a home! On top of that I would love to own a farm!

Sending you all my love!
Have a blessed day!



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