Learn a lesson from my pain!

Problems in paradise!

The past week or so I have been sick… pretty darn poorly but not ill enough to be off work. I have continued to push on through trying to get through the day to day…
Saturday comes round and I am feeling really poorly, so poorly I was going to spend the day in bed. I decided to put a face mask on to try and get rid of my illness spots (I break out when poorly).  Little did I know I was going to have my face burnt off!

I tried out Dermalogica – Charcoal rescue masque.
Rescue masque? More like burn all the skin off your face masque….

Have a sneak peak of what it did to may face. The picture doesn’t really do the burn justice.

Burnt to a crisp

Lucky for me I didn’t put it all over my face. If I had it would have been so much worse.
I didn’t do a test patch but I never do unless its recommended.
I literally had to lay in bed for 2 hours with a bag of frozen peas on my face.
What I ended up getting was a phase 1 chemical burn, so not just an allergic reaction but actual burn. Its now Monday evening and I am still sore.

Just a little warning to you all!!!! Test patch any new products first!!!
I would hate for anyone to go through what I have!

Sending love and best wishes to you all!
have a blessed week!

K x

One thought on “Learn a lesson from my pain!

  1. oh no!! How awful, like you weren’t already feeling bad enough. 😦 Thanks for the warning, my daughter likes to do the face masks and I’m sure she doesn’t do test patches first. I will be sure to remind her to from now on!


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