Did you know I am pet mad?

Hello gorgeous people!

Again I am a pain in the bum and have been neglecting my blog!
However I have lots of juicy content coming up because….

Today I am going to share with you some of my favorite pictures of my children (fur babies).

First of all I am going to share with you some of my favourite pictures of Bloo.
Bloo is now a 7 year old German Shepard Dog. He had a big bark but he is as soft as anything. He loves nothing more than a back scratch and gets sick of me asking for kisses.


Billy is up next…
Billy is a 4 year old Staffy. We adopted him from my uncle as sadly Billy was stolen from his garden by dog-nappers. We did a Facebook search add and ended up finding out where he was taken. He is a very soft, timid dog. Any loud noises and he runs and hides. He loves nothing more than sitting on your lap cuddling up for a stroke.


Not forgetting my miniature babies!
OJ & VK were my first and last hammies. Sadly they have both passed away now. VK was a spider hammie – loved to climb up the cage walls. OJ sadly was put to sleep due to a tumour which was growing on his stomach. He had medication to stop pain and I treated him like a god for the 5 months he had left, at that point he struggled to walk so the most humane thing to do was let him pass over the rainbow bridge. around 6 months later VK passed away.
Dave & Scruff were my first ever Guinea Pigs. We initially adopted Dave from my uncle because he brought him for my little cousin but unfortunately he works away quite a lot and he thought he got quite lonely. We agreed to look after him as there was always someone in the house. We still thought he was lonely so shortly after we decided to adopt another guinea pig to keep him company. We adopted Scruff from an adoption centre and they instantly got on really well. Scruff was up for adoption because his owner couldn’t afford to look after him. These two have the most pampered lives. My granddad (may he rest in peace) absolutely loved the guinea pigs – I never seen him smile as much as when he had the piggies on his lap!
Finally there is my current guinea pigs. Pippin & Zeus. Pippin originally was the leader of the pack when I picked him up and Zeus was the runt of the litter hence my naming him Zeus! They both have very distinctive personalities… Pippin loves sitting with me chilling he will lay on his back while I feed him parsley and give him tummy rubs!
Zeus is very skittish! He runs away at any opportunity but he does love to play the touch guy with Pippin!


Based on the above images you probably think I am a bit nuts! I probably am!
I have a dream that one day I am able to open a animal sanctuary for all of the animals that don’t have a home! On top of that I would love to own a farm!

Sending you all my love!
Have a blessed day!



Wheres Kirstie?

I am so sorry I haven’t been keeping you up to date on my arts, crafts and juicy things I have brought! In between being a bridesmaid, trying to have a social life, earning that ca$h money, maintaining a long distance relationship and not being disowned as a member of my family… I really do not have much time!

To keep you in the loop I have done a flash post to share a few little things I have been doing, brought and even completed….

First of all today…
I found myself running though the streets of Saffron Lane Estate in my Beauty & the Beast PJ’s… First off – Saffron Lane Estate isn’t exactly the most… (how can I put this nicely?) desirable of areas. Secondly I was in a frantic panic as my dogs had seemingly got out of the house and decided to go roaming the streets!
I know it is awful to say but there are lots of not very nice people out there at the moment who snatch up dogs for breeding (sorry puppy snatchers they have no balls), as well as using them for dog fighting. Luckily they were found at the top of the street after a lovely man saw them and tried to mush them back home!
Here is a cheeky picture of the naughty boys!20170523_133530_resized

Another exciting thing was my auntie got to go on holiday (with work). When I say with work… she is a carer for my brother who is on the severe end of the autism spectrum.
My auntie and grandma look after my brother for work. Nice to know that he is in capable and caring hands.
Tracey brought me back a little treat from the airport! Paco Rabanne Olympea! How I love this smell!
A very light smell very different to the Lady Million (which I also love) but subtle and wearable for everyday!


Another exciting thing was I went to my works Summer party which to be completely honest I wasn’t very hyped to go to. It ended up being a really lovely night with some amazing work friends. When I say lovely… I was on my way home at 11 as I was way to drunk to continue the night haha!


I posted about this little dress a while ago… It was sat in my draw unfinished and I  spend one Saturday night watching horror films and completing the final touches to my first ever pattern. I will be doing the written pattern when I get round to it but its all completed and I am pretty proud of my first creation by eye! YAY

Last but 100% not least I brought a travel wallet! I have an upcoming post and review on this as it so darn amazing! So I wont give too much away! Keep posted!


I am hoping you have all been well and have enjoyed the bit of warm weather we have had (UK friends)! Hope everyone else has had a lovely weekend! Back to the grind tomorrow!

Have a blessed day and lots of love !


Don’t Quote Me…

I am a fan of quotes.
Half the time I quote Sex and the city, but the other half I would like to say I am a little more philosophical.

This post is based on 7 quotes I enjoy and why they are special to me!

  1. Ever Thine. Ever Mine. Ever Ours.
    Taken from Beethoven’s “immortal beloved”.
    This was first brought to my attention in the Sex and the City show, where Carrie reads to Big from the book ‘Love Letters of great Men’ (which is a fictional book) and as you can see its gorgeous, the entire letter is, but the last 3 sentences just hold your breath… Ever Thine, Ever Mine, Ever Ours…


    The letters basically state how he regrets being so far from her but distance doesn’t keep his thoughts and feelings away.  He only feels happy with her and no one else will compare.  With this letter he is that much closer to her.  He talks about one day being with her solely.  Living with her and being lovers.  She is his life and will love her unconditionally. He is ever hers as she is ever his… they are ever one.

    This resonates with me because my partner and I have been together for 8 years but have lived long distance. I will love him unconditionally for the rest of my life and no one will compare to him. No one is as smart, kind or caring… no one will ever love me as much as he does.

  2. I always like to look on the optimistic side of life, but I am realistic enough to know that life is a complex matter.
    Walt Disney

    Walt Disney

    I am not familiar with when or where Walt Disney spoke these words but it really strikes a cord with me. I do try to be optimistic however at heart I am a realist. I take things as they come and am rarely disappointed because I know things will never go the way they are intended. I do get a surprise if they ever do go well!

  3. Family is the most important thing in the world
    Princess Diana

    Princess Diana

    Princess Diana has always had a piece of Britain’s heart and I think her words are true and felt by many.
    Family is really important. The family you grow up in, the family that you create, the family you can also choose is most important. I know many people would choose family over a lifetime of wealth.

    I had a… different upbringing. I was brought up by my grandma and my auntie.
    I spent the most of my life believing my step dad was my actual dad and my actual dad being someone I occasionally waved too on the street. Very Jerry Springer.
    I am so thankful to my grandma and auntie for the way I was raised. I can only hope and pray that they are proud of what I have become.

  4. Education is the key to unlocking the world, a passport to freedom.
    Oprah Winfrey

    Oprah Winfrey

    Education is so important not only personally to continue to develop your mind but also to allow you to spread your wings and fly.
    I tried in primary school, I wasn’t great at everything but I did try, I went to secondary school and I got into the wrong crowds and education was a second thought to having fun. After finishing college I was working jobs that I couldn’t see my self in for years to come. I was bored tired and depressed, spending my weeks working a job I hated and spending my weekends (and cash) on going out partying.
    The realization came when I was pushed to continue to continue my studies. I went to university got my degree and now work in a job with the related subject and am in a better place. I now have a chance to  build a good life for myself.
    Education is great even as an interest or hobby, I will be studying a home course on Animal Care; just for fun! its great to keep your mind active and open all these new doors.

  5. My Zen teacher also said the only way to true happiness is to live in the moment and not be worried about the future. Of course, he died penniless and single.
    Carrie, Sex and the city

    Carrie, Sex and the city

    This one is a little joke to myself.
    My names Kirstie, I am a self confessed control freak.
    I am told that I need to live more in the moment and not focus on planning things. Let the chips fall where they may.
    I TRY very hard to not be controlling. I have always wanted to get married by 28 (I turned 28 in May, you can see where this is going right?)
    I wanted to have a mortgage by 30… not sure that is going to happen.
    Been with my partner 8 years and we still don’t live together.

    Forget trying to relaxed… Deep down I  am embracing the control and now trying to drive myself forward to those goals.
    No one else is going to put themselves out to help you achieve your goals! They are too busy on theirs.
    Lets face it… no one wants to die penniless and single.

  6. My dear, religion is like a penis. It’s a perfectly fine thing for one to have and take pride in, but when one takes it out and waves it in my face we have a problem.
    Maggie Smith

    Maggie Smith

    So this one makes me chuckle.
    Maggie Smith is bloody amazing in every single way.
    This quote completely covers my view on religion.
    I call myself a modern Day Buddhist, I meditate, chant and believe in cause and effect. At the same time I do not go around forcing my views upon people, causing uncomfortable situations with people. Everyone is entitled to their beliefs but it doesn’t mean you should be forcing people to partake or feel guilty for not doing so.

  7. The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams
    Eleanor Roosevelt

    Eleanor Roosevelt

    Again this is about believing in yourself and making your dreams a reality. If your dreams are positive and will help people they are beautiful.
    People believe that dreams happen by magic but in reality it takes a lot of determination, blood, sweat and tears. You can do it, anyone can do it if you believe it is possible.

    I have a dream that one day I will have my own Marketing agency, make my money there and then open up an animal sanctuary to rescue and rehabilitate abandoned animals. We can all dream.

    Thanks for reading everyone! Sending lots of love, peace and power to you all!
    Have a blessed day


Holiday Plans

As my trip to Cancun is fast approaching I have started to purchase the essential items required for my blissful break away! I have also started to plan what adventures I will be having while basking in the glorious sun.

As I have mentioned in my previous posts I visited Cancun last year which was lovely but the second week there was a tropical storm passing by which made the sea very choppy and unfortunately didn’t allow us to complete all of the excursions we originally wanted.

When we visited last year we ended up jumping on a ferry and spending a day in Isa Mujeres which was one of my favourite days of the holiday. We rented a golf buggy and travelled the island; we went to a turtle sanctuary, had lunch in the sister hotel and took in the amazing views. You will also be glad to know that I was driving the buggy (Adam was too scared) and we got back to the rental shop in one piece! Obviously I am a top driver anywhere in the world haha.

We did a fair amount of trinket shopping, we visited La Isla Shopping Village on a few occasions as well as the Luxury Shopping centre. We did this by utilising the local transport via the buses. Be prepared to hold on for your life, I thought UK bus drivers were speedy!

We also swam with the dolphins which was absolutely amazing and something I will never forget. I was very impressed with the care of the dolphins and the experience was also brilliant. Being food lovers we had to try some of the food establishments in the area. Outback Steakhouse was amazing. I have to say it was probably the most delicious meal I had ever had in my whole life. We also went Bubba Gump Shrimp which was also very nice but no match to Outback.

Now my second trip is upcoming I plan to experience the following:

Chichen Itza
Of course this is a must see! Chichen Itza is actually located in the eastern portion of the Yucatan state. Chichen Itza means “at the mouth of the well of Itza”, it is actually the 2nd most visited archaeological site of Mexico today. The Kukulkan Pyramid is known as “El Castillo” and is now known as one of the seven wonders of the world. I plan to visit here with Thomsons Tour Guides as this is quite a big excursion.

I was hugely disappointed when I was unable to do parasailing last year so this is on the top of my list this year. This teamed with jet skiing and also a adventure buggy ride around the forests and beaches of Mexico. I am still trying to talk Adam into it but I am hoping that I will be able to do some zip-lining here which would be crazy scary but what an amazing experience!

Traditional Seafood
We didn’t get to visit any local food establishments, to be honest we were pretty nervous as we didn’t want to get poorly. This year we want to go to a traditional Mexican restaurant and try some of the fresh fish caught that day.

Boat Trip
This could be a day boat trip but I was thinking maybe the evening food and drinks trip they occasionally do for couples. This would be nice having some romantic time with champagne and a nice 3 course lobster meal while the sun sets.

Underwater Museum
I did originally want to visit the underwater museum but I need to research this some more as I think to make the most of it you need to actually go scuba diving rather than just snorkelling. I have scuba dived in the past and when I was younger I got a certificate for scuba diving and loved doing this on holiday but due to going to the same place for many years my excitement dwindled off as I wasn’t experiencing new nature each time. Adam is not familiar with scuba diving and I think this might be something that makes him a little uneasy. There is potential here though!
I have started my shopping which consists of my suntan lotion, shower gels, shampoo/conditioner, deodorant and even a pair of goggles. I am not going overboard this year – I will be only taking the essentials!
Mexico is my summer holiday but I am also going on a cheeky mini break in October. I will be back to Bodrum in Turkey! As mentioned I used to come here every year with my family, I haven’t been for maybe 5 years (it could be longer). I am going back for a bit of a vacation, the nice thing is I will be going with my uncle Tony and my auntie Tracey (they are twins don’t cha know!). This is only for a week but we will be staying at the Istankoy which means there will be many familiar faces which will be lovley!

We have many friends from Turkey who are like family, they come over at Christmas occasionally… You need to experience a house full of Leicester and Turkish folk dancing around to Turkish music, very drunk and trying to play traditional board games. It was a crazy but amazing evening.

When I travel to Bodrum I hope to make the most of my time there…
I plan to go Jet skiing, on a boat trip, dirt biking, camel riding and some gold shopping!
If you knew my uncle you would laugh at the fact I am going to try and drag him along to all of my crazy daily activities, Tracey however will be up for pretty much anything!


Does anyone else have any holiday plans?

Ask Italian – Silver Street

As you are all probably aware I have a slight (not slight) obsession with food.
Wednesday last week I  was going into town after work to get a pair of silver shoes for my friends upcoming wedding. I was also planning on meeting my sister for some dinner as it felt like ages since I had last seen her.
We ended up visiting Ask Italian on Silver Street.

My sister being the savvy saver she is had a Taste card which gained us 2 for 1 on all starters and mains (cheap and tasty!).
We decided to go all out with a starter and a main but figured we would skip dessert.

First of all we were seated pretty quickly and our waiter was on his own which meant he was serving all of the tables. He came over and took out drink order and set up our table with cutlery. He was very open and friendly, I would almost say flamboyant. He was very accommodating when I wanted to personalise my order due to taste.

The food itself came out piping hot and incredibly tasty. For starter I had the cheesy garlic bread and my sister has the butterfly kind prawns. My cheesy garlic bread was about the size of a pizza but was incredibly tasty, I couldn’t eat it all but I gave it a good go. My sisters prawns were succulent and very flavorful she would have them again.

Cheesy Garlic Bread & Butterfly Kind Prawns

For mains I had the calzone pollo but opted for no olives but inclusion of chillis and ham. This is a staple favourite of mine, I am a safe option kind of girl but the ability to switch and swap your fillings ensures that you are able to update your favourite dish everytime you go. My sister had (a much more healthy option) the new salmon and mixed grain salad. She had a huge portion of salmon which she couldn’t actually finish. I am not one for eating salad on a meal out but her dish did look very tempting so it might be a choice for me when I want to step out of my comfort zone. We were very naughty and ordered some sides as well. We got a portion of chips which had the most delicious garlic mayonnaise (I was tempted to ask for a bottle to take home) and then a portion of zucchini frittes which I thought I would hate… I actually loved them!

Calzone & Salmon Salad

As mentioned we decided to skip desert due to our large portions for starter & main. We had a bill which was just over £50 but with the Taste card this was significantly reduced to £35ish. Based on the quality of food, portion size and service this was a goo £35 well spent. The only downside was that it took quite a while to get our bill so we were waiting around for a while trying to get someones attention.

If you have never been Ask I would 100% recommend going, perfect for lunch or dinner. Its also a perfect place to go before a night on the town. They do amazing mimosas and not to mention if you don’t have a Taste card they always have some sort of discount running. I think the last discount I used was 30% off mains!

My Easter Break… ‘Billy goes to Bournemouth’

Happy Easter Everyone!!
Hope you all have had a blessed day and have had lots of chocolate eggs!

My blog today is all about my little fur baby Billy! He has been on his first holiday over the Easter break; he has came to visit Adam in Bournemouth!!!
Unfortunately due to Bloo being so huge and Adam living in a top floor flat, it just wouldn’t be feasible for me to take both of them… I do hear though that he is missing Billy and is very jealous!

It all started off when myself and Adam was discussing moving in together and how we would get a dog. In particular I have my heart set on a little French bulldog however I am big on adopting puppies/dogs and not buying #AdoptDontShop
We were discussing how much hardwork they would be and also if it would be feasible.
Nothing else was said on the topic for a little while but Adam did suggest bringing Billy down on my next visit. As Adam lives by the sea and is a mere 5 minutes from Southbourne beach it seemed like the perfect idea…

I packed up my suitcase and bags as usual for my venture down south. I was also packing for a second passenger, Billy. 6 Tins of dog food, a bag of biscuits, a bowl, harness & collar, a ball, a bed and his lead.

The bearing in mind from Leicester to Southbourne (Bournemouth) it takes about 3 hours in the car… Billy was a little star. After getting the car packed up I put a blanket down in the foot-well for him to lay on. About an hour into the journey he was looking at me slightly puzzled as if to say ‘This is a long journey to the park’. Another half an hour and we had got half way. He kept trying to go sleep but the car was too bouncy for him and the bumps kept waking him, so I pulled over to see if he needed to go toilet and then put his bed into the foot-well. The space was a little tight but it did the job, for the remaining time he drifted in and out of sleep until we got to Bournemouth.

That evening he was pretty darn petrified. He wasn’t sure where he was and he wasn’t really sure what was happening but with a bit of encouragement he was going toilet and navigating around the flat. We had takeaway food that evening and had a reasonably early night sleep so we could get up and take Billy for his first experience on the beach.

Over the past few days Billy has been on 3 walks a day! A Morning walk which consists of lots of ball throwing and chase games. The Afternoon walk which was a much more leisurely stroll on the beach shoreline. The Adam Evening walk, Adam takes him back down to the beach for the final walk of the day which is only a 30 min walk but allows him to get some fresh air and go toilet.

Our evenings consist of getting takeaway or cooking and just before bed taking billy down to the very local greenery (1 min walk) for him to go for a wee before settling down for the night.
It has been a lovely break but very tiring for both myself and Adam as well as Billy.
I will be heading back to Leicester tomorrow morning to miss the Easter Break traffic. I can only imagine Billy will be doing exactly what he is doing now… Donking out, fast asleep!

I have to say! I feel fitter, but I am in so much pain with my back, my ankles, legs, shoulder and neck. I basically ache all over. Adam and I have decided that until we buy a house with a garden, maybe we wouldn’t cope with a dog. Lucky for me I live with my granny & auntie still so I have my 2 babies (4 including the guineas) at home.

Hope you all had a wonderful break!
Billy sends lots of love and licks

Kx & Bx

Sunny Dayz = Happy Dayz

If you have been to the UK… you will know a sunny day makes us English go a bit crazy! A bit of sunshine and the crop tops come out, mens shirts come off and parks, beer gardens and any area touched by sun rays is jam packed full of people.

I however had a bit of a busy day planned. I work up this morning got showered, dressed and prepped for the day ahead. I put the guinea pigs out in their new run and watched them popcorn for a good 15 minutes.
I had a dress fitting for Wai San’s (My friend from work)  wedding, I am one of her bridemaids. So I drove up to Birstall, it was a nice 20 minute drive with my air-con blasting.

After getting measured up and spending some time catching up with Wai (I had only just seen her the day before haha) I drove back to Leicester where I should have been going cinema with Jody and her sister Laura. Unfortunately we had a mix up with phones and texts not coming through that this didn’t materialise!
So instead I took my make up off and threw some slumming clothes on. I Put a blanket out on the patio outside and set up my new watercolour set to paint for the afternoon.
I attempted a hummingbird and some flowers. Although not my best – it was just a trial – you can see a picture of it below:

While I had a bit of time to myself I am decided on getting a new ear piercing.
I will be looking at a triple forward helix, a double if a triple won’t fit.
I have also added a picture of me sun-ready in my shades!


Hope it has been sunny wherever you are!

Sending positive vibes to you all! Have a blessed day


Gifts to make everyone smile…

Birthdays, Anniversaries, Weddings, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day… The list continues…
What do you buy people on these special occasions?
See my list below of the perfect gifts…

Wedding Gifts
Weddings are expensive! Why spend a fortune on wedding favours? Why go crazy on the bridesmaid and best man gifts? See some personal gifts Which don’t break the bank!


Mother Dearest
We all want to spoil our mums but it can get difficult later in life after you have used up all of your best gifting ideas. Remember your mum will not want extravagant gifts, but something from the heart.


Daddy (papa)
Dads are notorious for being difficult to buy for. If they want it, they will go to the shop and buy it. Here are a few gifts which won’t get thrown in a draw this year…


Most of our grannies will be as sweet as a button. I have found a few gifts which wont break the bank but are a little creative to show effort and thought you have put into them.

Grandad (Gramps)
In my time I have met a lot of grandads… some are sweet and caring, some are moody and scary. I am sure if your grandad is the latter, at least one of these gift are sure to make him smile!



There are many other people to buy for such as aunties, uncles, brothers and sisters… lets not forget friends!
They key thing to remember when purchasing a gift is as long as you brought it from the heart or took time to make something special… they will love it!

Let me know some of the best gifts you have ever given!
I know I need some help (I have 6 birthdays to buy for in May!)

Take care and have a blessed day!


10 Facts About Me…

Hello my little sparkles!

I have seen this challenge making the rounds on a few blogs so thought I would get on the bandwagon. I am going to give you 10 facts about me…
Then you can copy and paste this and share 10 facts about yourself!

So here we go…

  1. I am a full-time Retail Marketing Executive at Aurum Holdings for the Goldsmiths brand. I also graduated in 2013 with a 2:1 BA Joint Honours in Marketing and Media Studies.
  2. I am in a long term and long distance relationship of 8 years with my fiance Adam.
    We met in Leicester, he moved to Northampton while I studied at Northampton University. He then moved to High Wycombe and now he resides in Sunny Bournemouth.
  3. My biggest dream is to own an animal sanctuary where I take in abused and homeless animals, rehabilitate them and then find them a forever home.
  4. As some of you maybe aware from my blog I love crochet, painting and anything else which takes a dash of creative flair.
  5. I have lived with my grandmother and auntie for most of my life. I look at them equally as parents but also friends. They have done so much for me for so long – I only hope that one day I am able to support them like they have me.
  6. I have a severely autistic brother who is over 6ft. He eats like a bottomless pit yet he is very slender (why couldn’t I have that gene?).
  7. I am a notorious planner and time-freak. I am a constant worrier, even if there is not anything to  worry about (trust me I will find something).
  8. Malibu-Bay-Breeze is my favorite drink. Adam and I discovered it on holiday in Mexico. Malibu, pineapple juice and a dash of cranberry juice. Perfection.
  9. I have watched Fight Club over 30 times. I know all of the words off by heart. It is still my fav film of all time!
  10. I do not hate many things but what gets me angry is injustice.

Hope this has helped you get to know me a little better!
Of course if you are interested in knowing anything else about me feel free to message me or drop me a comment!

Can’t wait to read your 10 facts!

Lots of love and have a blessed day


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