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My count down is on for my holiday to Cancun.
I will be pulling together a bit of a Vlog when I am back as well as lots of content on Cancun nightlife, food and excursions.
I will also be doing a full video and blog breakdown of the hotel.
You may know that my partner and I save all year round to afford one nice big holiday a year! I hear great things about this hotel, however when researching I felt that I couldn’t find all of the answers to my questions that is why my hotel blog/vlog and review will be quite significant – so anyone planning to visit will have all of the information they could possibly want!

This is the hotel website:

This is the current Trip advisor page:

As you know I am big on Trip advisor with over 75 reviews placed I am very active and have over 50,000 readership! That is pretty awesome that I have helped so many people!

I am very excited to share hints, tips and general information with you all! Not to mention some seriously amazing pictures!

I probably won’t have the opportunity to blog before I leave so I will see you in just over 2 weeks!

Sending you all love and best wishes
K x



Miss Saigon – Standing ovation

I have always been into musicals, theater and even opera…
Sadly as I have grown up I do not have as much time as I did when I was younger. The last show I went to see would have been The phantom of the opera in London. That show absolutely blew me away. The phantom of the opera soundtrack, story, production and even through to the film have been one of my many favorites of all time. The show was the icing on the cake for me.

I will start this review with – Miss Saigon shocked me.
I expected it to be good, but I never imagined it would or could be executed and performed in such an amazing way.
I will give Miss Saigon 5/5. It is #2 of my favorite shows I have ever seen.
Let me go into a bit more detail of the story and why I feel it was executed so perfectly.


The Storyline

Based on Madame Butterfly, the show tells the story of an American solder during the Vietnam War who falls in love and marries a Vietnamese girl. They are torn apart during the fall of Saigon and the communist take over of the country. He doesn’t know if she is dead or alive…. in turn after grieving he eventually moves on with his life in America, marrying a new woman and falling in love once again.
While he is building his new life; she is fighting her way out of the country and trying to reunite with her love as well as tell him about their young son.


The Cast

Each member of the cast brought something special to the stage.
I could gush about the cast for ages but a few things that really stood out for me were:

Sooha Kim – She executed her role flawlessly, not only did she portray a innocent young girl but she had passion, power and fire. Sooha Kim made her professional debut in this recent production of Miss Saigon at the Prince Edward Theatre where she covered the role of Kim before going on to play the role in the Japanese production.

Ashley Gilmour – He worked extremely well with Sooha. The emotion not only in his face and voice but also in his movements and touch had the audience convinced his loved her. Ashley Gilmour also appeared in Miss Saigon at the Prince Edward Theatre. His most recent credits include playing Link Larkin in the national tour of Hairspray.

Red Concepcion – He was the clown of the show, someone who you love to hate! His acting is second to none and the way that he conducted the audience was superb, it felt like you were the only person in the room. Red Concepcion’s many theatre credits in his native Philippines include Adam/Felicia in Priscilla Queen of the Desert for which he won the ALIW Award and Gawah Buhay Award, Tommy in TheNormal Heart and Alan Strang in Equus as well as the musicals West Side Story and Hairspray.

Ryan O’Gorman – He was a mans man, a young lad that wanted a laugh. His transition from the young naive boy to a caring, trusting man was exceptional. I felt with Ryan you could see his journey although they didn’t show ‘too much’ of it. Ryan O’Gorman is currently starring in the UK tour of Rent in the role of Tom Collins. His other theatre credits include Les Misérables, The Phantom of the Opera and Billy Elliot.

Zoë Doano – Zoe’s character all be it relatively small on the grand scheme of things; touched me. Her pain, love and uncertainty was portrayed flawlessly, so much so it had me shed a tear.  Zoë Doano’s many West End theatre credits include Cosette in Les Misérables, Johanna in Sweeney Todd and most recently Grazia in Death Takes A Holiday. She has also appeared in the national tours of The Sound of Music and High Society.

Marsha Songcome – Not only the most stunning but her power, determination and the fact she is totally disillusioned is shown perfectly. The show wouldn’t have been the same without her. Marsha Songcome returns to the musical after playing Gigi at the Prince Edward Theatre in London’s West End. Other theatre credits include Disney’s Aladdin and Mamma Mia!

Gerald Santos – I have to say I didn’t warm to Gerald immediately, I felt his performance lacked something… My first impressions were totally wrong. He owned the performance and really had me on the edge of my seat at points.  Gerald Santos was the youngest ever winner of the biggest singing contest in the Philippines, Pinoy Pop Superstar. He has released five studio albums and has won numerous awards including winning twice Best Male Concert performer at the prestigious ALIW Awards.

Who is it for?

I would definitely say don’t take young kids. I went with my partner and the copious amounts of scantily clad women dancing around and (dare I say it) recreating sexual acts was reoccurring. The positive is that he enjoyed the ladies and I enjoyed the show!
I could see some old couples shifting uncomfortable in their seats but we need to be realistic. This show portrays a brothel, prostitutes, abuse and foreign policy. It is not to be taken lightly especially when you become so engrossed in the show.
I do have to say though at some points I felt emotionally whip-lashed… There were dancing girls with Red singing making jokes but then we cut to a very serious and emotional scene which took me a little time to get used to!

The special effects

Would I call them special effects? I am not sure. There is the helicopter which was absolutely fantastic along with the dances and transitions between sets. At points I did catch myself sitting on the edge of my seat with my jaw pretty much on my lap!


Flawless in every way. From the orchestra through to the vocals… I couldn’t even try to nit-pick even if I wanted too! Everything was perfect and the songs were so moving as well as some being extremely entertaining.


Miss Saigon is a show of contrasting extremes. At one end of the spectrum is the purity of Kim’s love for Chris — with touching faith and courage, she waits three years for his return to rescue her and the son of whom he knows nothing. At the other end is the shady opportunism of ‘The Engineer,’ the Eurasian pimp who sees the half-American boy as his golden ticket to an elusive U.S. visa.
Love or hate the original version… I guarantee you will kick yourself if you don’t get a chance to see this show!

There are seats still avalible at the Curve Theatre Leicester up until 22nd July.

Don’t Quote Me…

I am a fan of quotes.
Half the time I quote Sex and the city, but the other half I would like to say I am a little more philosophical.

This post is based on 7 quotes I enjoy and why they are special to me!

  1. Ever Thine. Ever Mine. Ever Ours.
    Taken from Beethoven’s “immortal beloved”.
    This was first brought to my attention in the Sex and the City show, where Carrie reads to Big from the book ‘Love Letters of great Men’ (which is a fictional book) and as you can see its gorgeous, the entire letter is, but the last 3 sentences just hold your breath… Ever Thine, Ever Mine, Ever Ours…


    The letters basically state how he regrets being so far from her but distance doesn’t keep his thoughts and feelings away.  He only feels happy with her and no one else will compare.  With this letter he is that much closer to her.  He talks about one day being with her solely.  Living with her and being lovers.  She is his life and will love her unconditionally. He is ever hers as she is ever his… they are ever one.

    This resonates with me because my partner and I have been together for 8 years but have lived long distance. I will love him unconditionally for the rest of my life and no one will compare to him. No one is as smart, kind or caring… no one will ever love me as much as he does.

  2. I always like to look on the optimistic side of life, but I am realistic enough to know that life is a complex matter.
    Walt Disney

    Walt Disney

    I am not familiar with when or where Walt Disney spoke these words but it really strikes a cord with me. I do try to be optimistic however at heart I am a realist. I take things as they come and am rarely disappointed because I know things will never go the way they are intended. I do get a surprise if they ever do go well!

  3. Family is the most important thing in the world
    Princess Diana

    Princess Diana

    Princess Diana has always had a piece of Britain’s heart and I think her words are true and felt by many.
    Family is really important. The family you grow up in, the family that you create, the family you can also choose is most important. I know many people would choose family over a lifetime of wealth.

    I had a… different upbringing. I was brought up by my grandma and my auntie.
    I spent the most of my life believing my step dad was my actual dad and my actual dad being someone I occasionally waved too on the street. Very Jerry Springer.
    I am so thankful to my grandma and auntie for the way I was raised. I can only hope and pray that they are proud of what I have become.

  4. Education is the key to unlocking the world, a passport to freedom.
    Oprah Winfrey

    Oprah Winfrey

    Education is so important not only personally to continue to develop your mind but also to allow you to spread your wings and fly.
    I tried in primary school, I wasn’t great at everything but I did try, I went to secondary school and I got into the wrong crowds and education was a second thought to having fun. After finishing college I was working jobs that I couldn’t see my self in for years to come. I was bored tired and depressed, spending my weeks working a job I hated and spending my weekends (and cash) on going out partying.
    The realization came when I was pushed to continue to continue my studies. I went to university got my degree and now work in a job with the related subject and am in a better place. I now have a chance to  build a good life for myself.
    Education is great even as an interest or hobby, I will be studying a home course on Animal Care; just for fun! its great to keep your mind active and open all these new doors.

  5. My Zen teacher also said the only way to true happiness is to live in the moment and not be worried about the future. Of course, he died penniless and single.
    Carrie, Sex and the city

    Carrie, Sex and the city

    This one is a little joke to myself.
    My names Kirstie, I am a self confessed control freak.
    I am told that I need to live more in the moment and not focus on planning things. Let the chips fall where they may.
    I TRY very hard to not be controlling. I have always wanted to get married by 28 (I turned 28 in May, you can see where this is going right?)
    I wanted to have a mortgage by 30… not sure that is going to happen.
    Been with my partner 8 years and we still don’t live together.

    Forget trying to relaxed… Deep down I  am embracing the control and now trying to drive myself forward to those goals.
    No one else is going to put themselves out to help you achieve your goals! They are too busy on theirs.
    Lets face it… no one wants to die penniless and single.

  6. My dear, religion is like a penis. It’s a perfectly fine thing for one to have and take pride in, but when one takes it out and waves it in my face we have a problem.
    Maggie Smith

    Maggie Smith

    So this one makes me chuckle.
    Maggie Smith is bloody amazing in every single way.
    This quote completely covers my view on religion.
    I call myself a modern Day Buddhist, I meditate, chant and believe in cause and effect. At the same time I do not go around forcing my views upon people, causing uncomfortable situations with people. Everyone is entitled to their beliefs but it doesn’t mean you should be forcing people to partake or feel guilty for not doing so.

  7. The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams
    Eleanor Roosevelt

    Eleanor Roosevelt

    Again this is about believing in yourself and making your dreams a reality. If your dreams are positive and will help people they are beautiful.
    People believe that dreams happen by magic but in reality it takes a lot of determination, blood, sweat and tears. You can do it, anyone can do it if you believe it is possible.

    I have a dream that one day I will have my own Marketing agency, make my money there and then open up an animal sanctuary to rescue and rehabilitate abandoned animals. We can all dream.

    Thanks for reading everyone! Sending lots of love, peace and power to you all!
    Have a blessed day


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