Whittard Chelsea in Leicester

Hello beautiful people!

I am really excited but also very scared… Whittard’s has opened in Leicester Highcross!
I spotted it at the weekend when I was supposed to be going town with the lover to pick up contact lenses only… I am sure you can guess where I spent some of my money!

I had to  get a few treats! I couldn’t say no!

It all started when I spotted a variety pack of the hot chocolates. I had wanted this set since seeing it on QVC UK at about 3am one morning! Just one of those things you kind of forget about! This was £22 – yes I know…. £22 on hot chocolate!
120g each you get 6 flavors including: Rocky Road, Luxury Hot Chocolate, Mint, White, Salted Caramel (one of my favs) and Orange flavour!


To get me past the £25 threshold I ended up getting a Latte Macchiato spoon. This was £3. It comes with mini marshmallows. I was a little worried it would taste too coffee like, gosh was I wrong. It was a lovely creamy drink. Realistically you can’t bulk by these and have a drink at £3 a pop… but for a special occasion its really worth it!

Then I spotted a big tub of the marshmallows. Ok this is where I started getting carried away. The mashmallows were £5.50!!!! eek! I can get a tub from Aldi for £2!
They are lovely though and just the perfect size!

Finally I got a tasty freebie. As I spent over £25 I got a free gift which is actually pretty awesome. A tin of teas all from the Wellness Collection. This should be £15! so what a awesome gift. It holds 32 individually wrapped tea bags. Flavors include: Super Fruits, This Rocks Detox, Cleanse Tea & Sleepy Tea.


I already have my eye on the cutest ‘personal’ brewing teapot!
If you haven’t tried Whittards before I would suggest trying the hot chocolate this Christmas! If you are a fan of tea I would 100% advise popping into the store so the staff can advise on different tea options for you!
A personal Favourite Tea of mine is Milk Oolong tea (No 880)

Happy shopping! 🙂


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